Samsung Phone System
Samsung Phone System
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Samsung Phone System
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This website provides useful information, affordable pricing, and online sales of phones and hardware new and discontinued for the Samsung Phone System.

New Samsung Systems

OfficeServ 7030

OfficeServ 7100 Phone System

OfficeServ 7200

OfficeServ 7100

Samsung 7100 Phone System

Designed for business applications with the need of up to 16 phones and 8 incoming lines or less.

OfficeServ 7200

Samsung OfficeServ7200

Designed for larger applications with the need of up to 100 phones or more.

Samsung Phones

Samsung OfficeServ DS-5021D Display Telephone

Samsung OfficeServ DS-5014D Display Telephone

Samsung iDCS 8 Button Display Telephone Keyset

Samsung iDCS 18 Button Display Telephone Keyset

Samsung iDCS 28 Button Display Telephone Keyset

DS 21 Button DS 18 Button DS 7 Button IDCS 8 Button IDCS 18 Button IDCS 28 Button


Many phones available new and discontinued refurbished like new phones available with a 1 year warranty that look like new.

Samsung Phone System Installation

E System Sales, Inc. provides to it's customers either professional system installation or self-installation support and we program and manage the systems remotely.


The Samsung Phone Systems support both types of VoIP.  One is incoming lines either by hardware or a SIP connection.  Samsung also supports VoIP connections that provide phone  connections to the system either through Ethernet of over the Internet.

OfficeServ Starter Kits

Samsung OfficeServ 7030 with 3-Phones
OfficeServ 7030 with 3-Phones
Samsung OfficeServ7100 Starter Kit
OfficeServ 7100 with 6-Phones
Samsung OfficeServ7200
OfficeServ 7200

OfficeServ Voice Mail

The OfficeServ voice mails are imbedded and enabled by licensing.  We have some discontinued voice mails available.

Samsung Prostar

Although the Prostar has been discontinued we have many control units available to keep your Prostar Phone System up and running for years to come.

Samsung Business Phones

Samsung Telephone System

Samsung Phone System

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Samsung Phone System